World Offices


Danish Management Group is headquartered in Aarhus and Copenhagen, the two biggest cities in Denmark, and Danish Management Group is present in many countries around the world.


Danish Management Group’ subsidiaries act as catalysts gathering information for our divisions about project forecasts, announcements, terms of references (ToRs) and other project documentation. During the actual implementation of a project, our local employees help us to maintain a closer and more direct communication with the stakeholders involved and the rest of the community.

They also facilitate our internal project monitoring for quality assurance and they provide us with regular feedback on the progress of the projects. In addition, Danish Management Group recruits highly qualified local consultants and employees through the branch offices.

Project offices

Danish Management Group has project offices in all the developing countries in which on-going technical assistance and consultancy services are provided.

The project offices’ main functions are to facilitate on-site coordination and management of all local on-going projects, to provide expertise to our clients, to strengthen our dialogue with local communities and to facilitate the cooperation with local experts and consultants, while ensuring the maximum impact of our efforts.

Altogether, Danish Management Group’s world offices help us to:

  • Gather knowledge and experience of the local environmental, cultural and working conditions in the country and region;
  • Improve our communication with the recipients and local organisations, and
  • Make us aware of new needs in local development.