ICT References

In the last years, Danish ICT Management has carried out more than 30 ICT projects. Some of the latest ones are mentioned below and most of them are on-going assignments or projects recently implemented.

Project Title: Consultancy Services for Regional Information and Communication Technology Support Programme
Country: Eastern and Southern African Region
Project Dates: 2005 – 2009
Funding Agency / Client: European Commission / COMESA Secretariat
Lead Firm: Danish ICT Management A/S
Project Budget: EUR 5,869,250
Project Description:The overall objective of the Regional Information Communication Technology Support Programme (RICTSP) is to contribute to the Eastern and Southern African regional agenda for economic integration through efficient and effective Information Communication and Technology environment. This project will throughout its duration support the Common market for Easter and Southern Africa (COMESA), the East African Community (EAC), the Inter Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), and its member states; and it will reduce the digital divide by removing some of the constraints to efficient use of ICT.The purpose of the programme assisted by Danish ICT Management is to achieve a reduction in the digital divide by removing some of the constraints to the efficient use of ICTs faced by stakeholders, including those to do with the regulatory environment, poor communications infrastructures, poor access to information useful to entrepreneurs, and low skills levels.
Project Title: e-Karelia: assistance to local business support structures in providing sustainable training and business development for enterprises, and ICT-related accessibility
Country:  Russia
Project Dates: 2004 – 2006
Funding Agency / Client: European Commission
Lead Firm: Danish ICT Management A/S
Project Budget: EUR 1,998,450
Project Description:The wider objective of this project was to foster economic growth and competitiveness in the Republic of Karelia through the development of accessibility of ICTs to enterprises and support to increased use of advanced information technology (see http://www.e-karelia.ru/).In this context, Danish ICT Management has been assisting in the promotion of the utilisation of ICT in business and in providing enterprises in the Republic of Karelia with access to ICT services. Besides, we have helped to establish cooperation with existing portals in order to provide web visibility for Karelian businesses. Transfer of knowledge on state-of-the-art expertise in ICT as well as a business plan for developing GIS-services for the business sector have been also some of the immediate objectives assisted by Danish ICT Management.
Project Title: Appraisal mission on the integration of ICT into the Finnish Development cooperation in the sector of municipal management and decentralisation in Nicaragua
Country: Nicaragua
Project Dates: 2005-2005
Funding Agency / Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland
Lead Firm: Danish ICT Management A/S
Project Budget: EUR 33,500
Project DescriptionThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland (MFA) contracted Danish ICT Management to undertake an appraisal mission in Nicaragua on the integration of ICT into the Finnish Development cooperation in the sector of municipal management and decentralisation. Herunder, Danish ICT Management appraised an existing project document/intervention plan.The purpose was to finalise the strategy with priority areas, institutional set-up, organisational locations, and to incorporate new initiatives if deemed feasible. All in accordance with the Finnish development policy guidelines concerning the Information Society and ICT. This assignment was successfully carried out by Danish ICT Management.
Project Title: Business Model for the National Centre for Information Technology in the Republic of Maldives
Country: The Maldives
Project Dates: 2005 – 2006
Funding Agency / Client: Government of Maldives
Lead Firm: Danish ICT Management A/S
Project Budget: EUR 33,500
Project Description:The consultancy dealt with assessing successful e-government models from around the world, and suggesting and advising on the most appropriate e-government strategies in relation to network establishment, applications development, services within the Government administration, between the Government and the citizens, and how e-government services are to be planned in order to be sustainable (charges, cost recovery and Return on Investment).
Project Title: EEurope + (Monitoring and Benchmarking)
Country:  Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Rep, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia and Slovakia
Project Dates: 2003 – 2004
Funding Agency / Client: European Commission
Lead Firm: Danish ICT Management A/S
Project Budget: EUR 3,200,000
Project Description:The eEurope+ 2003 Data collection, Benchmarking and Monitoring project has been contracted to Danish ICT Management, which included 10 Eastern European EU Candidate countries and approximately 300 stakeholders.The main objective of the project was to collect, process and asses ICT related data within 10 Eastern European countries. On the basis of this data collection, Danish ICT Management developed several benchmarks, policy recommendations and progress reports on the status and progress of several specified ICT indicators, corresponding with the eEurope Action Plan.Danish ICT Management was in charge of the main project management of this project as well as the development of an advanced Information System Platform that handled all aspects of communication, information- and knowledge sharing through the project, to stakeholders. Furthermore, we were in charge of all the information dissemination activities related to the project progress as well as the project results, which included the organization and execution of several large-scale international workshops.

The final project results awere series of benchmarking and progress reports accompanied with several best practises and policy recommendations on how the EU Candidate Countries can move forward in their efforts to leverage their readiness to become a part of the Information Society.

Project Title: Development of best practices for the mainstreaming of ICTs in Danish sector programming
Country: Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India
Project Dates: May 2004 – November 2004
Funding Agency / Client: Danida (Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Lead Firm: Danish ICT Management A/S
Project Budget: EUR 152,300
Project Description:Danish ICT Management investigated and presented good ICT practices and check lists on how to incorporate ICTs in Danish sector programming. Main outputs were recommendations on best practises for the use of ICTs in Danish sector programme development assistance, including examples on how ICTs can be used in national poverty reduction strategy strategies and processes, and hereunder in sectors: Health, Education, Business and Agriculture. Among others, Danish ICT Management developed research methodologies and the website to present the conclusions (www.goodictpractices.dk), provided study tours, workshops, training courses and ancillary services in selected African, Latin American and Asian countries.