Danish ICT Management


Danish ICT Management is specialised in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for development (ICT4D). Our service portfolio encompasses all aspects of enabling environments and infrastructure, skills and competence development, the use of ICT, and production of digital content. Among these, this division provides ICT consultancy and capacity building in national ICT policies and strategies, including consultation on legal and financial aspects at all levels.

Together with Injection A/S and Metrocomia A/S (see below), Danish ICT Management offers innovative and creative solutions designed and implemented with cutting-edge technology. Among others, we offer advanced website and portal development, e-learning and e-business solutions, project management tools, communication advice and training.

Danish ICT Management is based in Denmark with Metrocomia subsidiary offices in Bangladesh, Kenya and Uganda. We have more than 10 years of experience within our specialised fields and we offer a wide range of services to our clients around the world.


Our highly experienced ICT specialists, development communication experts and educationalists cover a broad spectrum of ICT4D services, including:

  • ICT enabling environments, including feasibility studies and baselines, infrastructure planning and strategies, funding and budgeting, establishment of partnerships, investment/re-investment in networks and applications, and issues around local access and last mile solutions;
  • Monitoring and evaluation, including impact, efficiency and sustainability of e.g. bilateral and multilateral development projects/programs embedding ICT components and/or with explicit focus on ICT4D;
  • Design of ICT policies, including national policies and strategies for local governments;
  • e-government consulting and development, including Business Models and strategies for networks, applications (management, organisation, participation, services, QA, partnerships, sustainability, etc.);
  • ICT capacity building and skills development, including e-learning and e-business solutions and technology learning;
  • Content development, including curricula development, training material for skills development, use of media, data collection methodologies,  project management tools, portals, websites, etc.

Within the past 5 years, Danish ICT Management has performed a number of major assignments within the ICT sector. We have successfully carried out ICT projects in several African, Asian, European and Latin American countries for various clients.


In 2005, with Danish ICT Management as Lead firm, we initiated the implementation of the EUR 5.9 million ICT consultancy services for the European Commission and COMESA. The program covers 19 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa and involves technical and administrative support to regulators, training in ICT policy making at national levels, set-up of national working groups, development of national ICT databases and websites, monitoring of e-readiness and establishment of incubators schemes among others.

Another major ICT assignment successfully completed by Danish ICT Management for the European Commission was the EUR 3.2 million project e-Europe+2003. The assignment included broad data collection, ICT monitoring and ICT benchmarking in 13 central and eastern European countries (CEE), most of which became members of the European Union in 2004.

Danish ICT Management is in 2005/06 participating in a EUR 2 million ICT assignment in the Republic of Karelia in Russia. The main goal of the project is to foster economic growth and competitiveness through development of up-to-date ICTs; accessibility for small and middle enterprises (SME) in the republic, as well as support to increased utilization of advanced information technology (see http://www.e-karelia.ru).


Development projects and programs have been designed and implemented for a variety of governmental institutions, non-governmental institutions, international agencies and private sector clients, including:

  • APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation);
  • Australian Greenhouse Office;
  • Danish International Development Assistance DANIDA (Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and DANCED (Danish Cooperation for Environment and Development);
  • EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development);
  • European Commission;
  • IEA (International Energy Agency);
  • IFC (International Finance Corporation);
  • Finnish Development Aid;
  • REEEP (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership);
  • UNDP (United Nations Development Programme);
  • USAID (United States Agency for International Development);
  • World Bank and others.

Metrocomia A/S and Injection A/S
In 2001, Danish Management Group bought Metrocomia A/S. Metrocomia was founded in Denmark in 1994 as one of the first internet consultancy companies in Scandinavia. Initially, Metrocomia designed and implemented web solutions (websites, intranets, and extranets) and offered network solutions, database development, web consulting and educational services.

Organisations, such as UNDP, USAID and World Bank, as well as private companies, as Uganda Manufacturers Association, Uganda Fish Producers and Exporters Association and Electoral Commission of Bangladesh, are among Metrocomia’s clients.

In 2003, Danish Management Group strengthened its ICT expertise with the incorporation of Injection A/S. Injection is specialised in content development and content management systems (CMS). Injection has several major private and public clients, such as Radiometer Copenhagen, the Danish Ministry of Economy, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Energy Authority.