Vision and Values

Danish Management Group intends to eradicate poverty and hunger, improve education, increase gender equality and women empowerment, improve maternal health, combat AIDS, ensure environmental sustainability and create a global partnership for development.

We constantly strive to improve people’s living conditions and their environment through the implementation of development aid projects in the sectors of ICT, Energy as well as Monitoring and Evaluation.

To obtain a higher impact with the resources used, we at Danish Management Group will continuously develop innovative consultancy approaches, methodologies and tools, that improve project sustainability, ownership and people’s empowerment.


The values that best define us at Danish Management Group are:

  • Our willingness to fight for bridging the social, economical, legislative, gender, health, democracy and digital divides;
  • Our motivation to assist when and where it is most needed; and
  • Our commitment to empower people and to create more impact.