Sustainable Management

danish-red-crossWalk the talk

More impact – economic, environmental and social is the focus of our efforts and performance – and our company is based on the principle of sustainable management.

We are committed to promoting and implementing social and environmental commitment as well as sustainable development around the world – and we walk the talk!

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Danish Management Group covers all its electricity demand entirely with wind power; our investments in wind power cover electricity demand in all our offices world wide as well as all employees’ private electricity consumption. Danish Management Group has supported the Red Cross for the last 10 years with annual donations.

Business Integrity Management System

Danish Management Group follows an applied Code of Ethics and Business Integrity Management to prevent corruption, and to encourage integrity, social and ethic responsibility.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Integrity Management follows the United Nations Global Compact’s Nine Principles and Danish Management Group is committed to following OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, using this as a standard for business practice.

Danish Management Group is committed to working towards a sustainable development through a systematic approach ensuring that human rights are respected, labour standards are kept and environmental impact is minimised in all aspects of our activities. What is more, we do not accept any kind of corruption, commission and bribery.

It is of vital importance for Danish Management Group that all the services we provide are accomplished with integrity and therefore, we ensure that resources are allocated for this in the design of projects, the planning of services and during project implementation.

Furthermore, Danish Management Group enforces business integrity when choosing our sub-suppliers, sub-consultants or suppliers and we encourage our business partners to ensure human rights, labour standards and a continuous improvement of their environmental impact. We respect all international and national laws and regulations that are relevant for our business in Denmark and other countries where Danish Management Group has activities.

These are real and measurable differences that go beyond platitudes, and that make a strong case for adopting business practices that positively impact society while achieving financial success and creating not only a demanding, but also an inspiring and sustainable work environment for our employees.