How we work

From our work with development projects we have learned that to achieve project sustainability we must:

  • Focus on knowledge exchange, rather than knowledge transfer;
  • Assist on demand, rather than advising when it suits the project schedule; and
  • Empower people, rather than telling them what to do.

And that is what we do at Danish Management Group.

Our corporate identity – the globe – visually captures the idea of experts from different sectors and across geographical and physical borders, collaborating with each other to build an expertise greater than the sum of its parts. The identity also reflects and celebrates the innate global nature and diversity of Danish Management Group.

To ensure that the projects implemented offer donors and recipients the highest value for money, we are constantly developing our knowledge of monitoring and evaluation methods. Moreover, we update our project management methodologies, modernize our ICT tools and further develop our expertise within the energy sector.

Over the past 20 years Danish Management Group has monitored more than 2,000 development projects within all sectors and we have implemented ICT and energy projects on the five continents. This extensive track record in management of development projects allows us to use past experiences and exchange best practices among countries, sectors and projects. This helps us to continue improving our consultancy services.

To obtain the maximum impact of the efforts made, our highly experienced consultants provide continuously customized and result-oriented advice. We always strive to apply the most appropriate techniques, methodologies and tools to each project executed. In each individual case, the expertise of both the clients and the recipients is carefully assessed to provide the most suitable service.

To increase the impact of development projects, it is vital to have strong communications integrated through all levels of development aid. We at Danish Management Group maintain that used in the right way and for the right purposes, both ICT and ICT advice increase the efficiency and effectiveness of development aid.

Therefore, we incorporate ICT into all the projects, in which the use of ICT is an asset. When appropriate, we integrate ICT and build teamwork tools and knowledge portals to support inspiring working environments and to enhance the communication of the results achieved to all parties.

Involving local stakeholders and local communities during the entire implementation of a project supports project sustainability and increases impact. Therefore, all our consultants at Danish Management Group do their utmost to work alongside policy makers, institutions and private service to engage and enable local communities.