The roots of Danish Management Group go back to 1986, when Mr. Frantz Longhi founded Dansk Energi Management, which started implementing major energy projects in Denmark. The company focused primarily on designing, planning and implementing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects in Denmark, where successful energy projects for approximately EUR 75 million were implemented in the first couple of years.

Dansk Energi Management – today Danish Energy Management

Since Dansk Energi Management gradually became more involved in international energy projects, the company name was changed to Danish Energy Management, the oldest division of Danish Management Group.

In the beginning of the nineties, the company conducted feasibility studies, assessments and energy action plans and supervised several Energy Project Management Units on behalf of the European Commission in several Central and Eastern European countries. Since then, it has expanded its scope of operations as well as its geographical boundaries.

Today, Danish Energy Management’s services include among others:

  • Implementation of RE, EE and DSM projects mainly in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe;
  • Programming, project identification, design and appraisal of energy projects;
  • Overall Energy Planning and Energy Economics;
  • Human resource development programmes and Capacity Building in energy related issues;
  • Energy legislation and energy regulation;
  • Economic / financial evaluation and analysis of energy infrastructure systems and energy projects, including pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, implementation modalities;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs in the energy sector.

ICT is not only a key tool that enhances development, but it can also improve efficiency and effectiveness of management and implementation of projects in all sectors. At a very early stage Danish Management Group foresaw the importance that ICT has for development in developing countries. As a natural next step in the expansion of competencies in the company, Danish ICT Management was created.


In 2001, Danish Management Group acquired the Danish company Metrocomia A/S, which developed web solutions and provided internet consultancy. Metrocomia had grown very fast since its establishment in 1994. When Danish Management Group took over it, Metrocomia was in the need of both financial and managerial support.

After the takeover, Danish Management Group’s excellent managerial skills entirely transformed Metrocomia’s financial situation changing a considerable annual deficit into a remarkable turnover over a period of just two years. At Danish Management Group we are aware that ICT can increase the impact of development aid and favour knowledge exchange and project sustainability. In 2003 to further strengthen its expertise in the ICT sector, Danish Management Group acquired the Danish company Injection A/S, specialised in content development and content management systems (CMS). Today Danish ICT Management is an integral part of Danish Energy Management.


Danish Energy Management has designed and implemented development projects and programs for a variety of governmental and non-governmental bodies, international agencies and private sector clients including:

Australian Greenhouse Office;
Danish International Development Assistance DANIDA (Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and former DANCED (Danish Cooperation for Environment and Development);
EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development);
European Commission;
IEA (International Energy Agency);
IFC (International Finance Corporation);
REEEP (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership);
UNDP (United Nations Development Programme);
USAID (United States Agency for International Development);
World Bank and others.

In late 2012, Esbensen Consulting Engineers A / S became part of Danish Management Group and a sister company to Danish Energy Management. Both companies continued under their own names, but with the common ownership structure until June 2015 where it was decided to merge the two companies.

Esbensen is known internationally to be a specialist, and a preferred collaborator in the field of energy, indoor climate, and sustainable buildings.

Esbensen participates continuously in research and development projects dealing with energy design, renewable energy, daylight, natural ventilation and indoor climate, with the aim to remain one of the leading companies of our professional area. Integrated Energy Design is a core competence and hallmark and Esbensen participates with dialogue and creative advice right from the start of the process, allowing the best holistic solutions to be found.

Esbensen develops building projects in cooperation with architects, builders and contractors in Denmark, Norway several EU countries, and China. The projects include high-rise buildings and large residential buildings, offices, hotels, educational and cultural institutions, sports facilities, industrial buildings and hospitals.

The merger is a result of the close cooperation between employees across the two companies and the positive synergy effects of a merger between the two companies’ areas of expertise.


Danish Management – Monitoring and Evaluation as the second competence

As Danish Management Group’s procedures within project Monitoring and Evaluation were developed and improved for the European Commission, the company expanded its competencies. As a result, Danish Management was born.

In the beginning, Danish Management monitored and evaluated different types of energy projects in Russia and the Newly Independent States. Progressively, this division became directly involved in several large-scale worldwide assignments, which comprised monitoring and evaluation of projects on all continents and in all sectors.


Danish Property Management

Danish Property Management A/S formed in 1990 develops exciting new projects nationally within commercial building, renovating and maintaining a portfolio of classical and preserved properties in close cooperation with the rest of the Danish Management Group.


Danish Design Restaurants

The company Danish Design Restaurants is behind several restaurants that offers extraordinary gourmet and design experiences for both private occasions and business events.

Please refer to www.designrestaurants.dk


Warm Nordic

Warm Nordic is a new, Danish design brand that embraces the warm, Nordic aesthetics and tradition of craftmanship. The curated collection features classic designs from the 50’s and 60’s as well as new designs made by modern Danish and international designers. In the collection you will find both furniture, lamps and accessories designed with a passion for quality and excellent materials.

Please refer to www.warmnordic.com